About I-FED

Since the 1950's, the Etheridge Shire in North Queensland, Australia has been recognised for its enormous potential for large scale irrigated agriculture due to its; climate, soil, topography, and abundant and reliable water.

Integrated Food and Energy Developments Pty Ltd (IFED) has been established to realise this potential.

IFED is intending to develop the Etheridge Integrated Agriculture Project (EIAP), a privately funded, large scale, vertically integrated, irrigated cropping, grazing and primary processing enterprise in the Etheridge Shire, North Queensland.

Tropical Australia is one of the few places in the world where opportunities exist for such projects.

IFED is realising the vision by bringing together all of the pieces of the complex puzzle required to deliver this ambitious project. Those pieces of the puzzle include:

  1. Demand: Ensuring that the project is market driven by identifying domestic and international market dynamics including price and demand trends for agricultural produce and delivering outputs that meet those demands;
  2. The Land: Identifying and securing suitable locations and specific properties for aggregation and development, including water capture and storage, cropping, and processing;
  3. The Project: Overseeing technical research, trials, cost estimates, due diligence and feasibility studies for the fully integrated solutions (i.e. land, water, energy, labour and logistics);
  4. Regulatory Approvals: Managing government approvals and community expectations;
  5. Sustainability: Adopting state of the art water capture, water storage and farming techniques to ensure environmental sustainability; and
  6. Financial: Bringing all the elements together to secure funding for the project including structuring financial arrangements such as debt and equity participants, arranging joint venture partnerships and securing off-take agreements.